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Format specifications for custom writing projects

Font and word count

All our papers strictly adhere to our advertised format specifications: 12 point Times New Roman, double spacing, 1 inch margins on all 4 sides, approximately 330 words per page. We present samples of our works that not only reflect the academic level of writing and research but also demonstrate how your paper will be formatted in Microsoft Word.

File type

All text will be typed in Microsoft Word XP and saved as a Microsoft Word document (.DOC). The file will retain all editing capabilities so you will be able to make any changes as needed. For projects that require additional data to be supplied (graphs, tables, slides, spreadsheets, images, etc.), we may use Microsoft Excel(.XLS), Powerpoint (.PPT), Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) or ADOBE PHOTOSHOP (.JPG,.GIF, etc.).

Examine our work samples

We are one of few companies out there to present real samples composed by real writers and not taken somewhere else. The samples listed below are model projects completed by writers currently employed by our firm. Since we cannot post the works done for our real clients for confidentiality reasons, we present model projects that were assigned to and accomplished by our writers.

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  • 12pt Times New Roman font, double spaced, 1 inch margins
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  • Fully documented research - free bibliography guaranteed
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