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We guarantee not to resell the papers completed for our clients, that is explicitly stated in our terms of service.
You simply place an order and an account is automatically created for you. It's 100% hassle free.
Being an internet company, we do recruiting globally. The Internet enables us to find qualified writers and researchers without having to gather them in some physical facility. Our employees work from their homes, however, that does not mean we just pull people off the street. Our human resource managers check every applicant very carefully, check their credentials, review their work samples, assign test projects to see if their claimed qualifications are real. We do not hire writers who fail our rigid tests.
While we do our best to deliver the project prior to the specified deadline, your particular assignment may call for extra time due to its complexity or required depth of research. If we find that we are unable to deliver the project by the requested deadline, every step will be taken by our writers and administration to communicate that information to you promptly and discuss an extension. In case of a minor delivery delay, we will readjust the price in accordance with our price schedule or offer a discount to compensate for the inconvenience.
We have a discount program for return clients (view details here). If you were given a discount code for a future order, you can enter the code during the ordering process.
We do have internal quality control procedures that ensure that every paper is authentic. Nevertheless, we do not use any third party service to check writing for plagiarism because that would be a violation of our privacy policy. Services such as Turnitin store every paper submitted. Once submitted to Turnitin, the paper is no longer original. For that reason, we do not provide any plagiarism reports.
We operate in the US Central Time zone (GMT-6 HOURS). The client is responsible to do any related adjustments to calculate the deadline.
We ask that every client rate the performance of our writer and there is a dedicated tool in the client account that allows to do that easily. You can view other clients' feedback here
Using our service is totally confidential. We do not disclose information about our clients to any third party.
We have two separate payment gateways provided by RBS Worldpay (Royal Bank of Scotland) and Paypal. The buyer can select the desired gateway during the ordering process. RBS Worldpay provides fast and secure card authorization directly on our site for VISA and MasterCard users. If Paypal is chosen, the buyer will be taken to a secure webpage that will accept the credit card information. Paypal accepts all major credit/debit cards, Paypal funds and on-line checks (the buyer can pay with a bank account).
We offer a wide range of writing and research services in all academic and professional fields. Some of our common academic projects are term papers, research papers, essays, dissertations, theses, book reports, article critiques, movie reviews, journal reviews, admission essays, applications, resumes. Those are done on all academic levels -- Secondary School, High School, College/University (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior), Graduate/Master and Ph.D. In addition, we provide such special services as PowerPoint Presentations, Calculations and Quantitative Projects for the Business School in Finance, Accounting, Intermediate Accounting, Statistics. Editing and proofreading services are also available. For those outside of the academia, we are pleased to offer professional writing services that include (but are not limited to) grant proposals, publications, professional reviews of any kind on absolutely anything, website content development.
We assist with all types of essay assignments: definition essays, 5 paragraph essays, reflective essays, informative essays, compare and constrast essays, personal essays, admission essays, argumentative essays, etc. When filling out the order form it is recommended that you specify your take on various points to be discussed in the essay. For example, if we are writing a custom essay on Abortion, our writer needs to know your position on that subject. Otherwise, if your position is not stated, our writer will contact you and ask how you want that done.
We have certain guarantees that we want our clients to be aware of. Number one, we guarantee that our written works (custom term papers, custom essays, custom book reports or any other custom written college paper) will be 100% free of plagiarism. And that is not just words. Even though we only keep the writers we can trust, we still continue to run every paper through a plagiarism detection software. Number two, we guarantee that the result will not just be a non-plagiarized paper but a non-plagiarized paper that meets all your initial instructions and guidelines. You can be sure that you will get exactly what you wanted, or you will simply get your money back entirely, which is another guarantee that we make to all our clients.
It is really quite easy. All you have to do is submit all project details by filling out and submitting our order form. Thereafter, you will be prompted to provide your billing details so that we can verify that your card has adequate funds to cover the transaction. Once your billing information has been verified (takes only a minute), our writers start working on your project immediately. The process is layed out in detail on our order process page.
The chances are really close to zero because all your contact information and all order related details are protected by our stringent privacy policy. For that reason, our service can be considered 100% secure and confidential.
Just like any on-line company providing intangible goods/services, we have to require your billing information before we start working on your assignment. We have to make sure that you intend to pay for our service and therefore need to verify that your card holds adequate funds to cover the transaction. Your credit card information will be processed through a secure SSL encrypted gateway, will not be stored anywhere and will not be accessible by a human being. The authorization process is completely safe and secure as all data is first encrypted and then transmitted directly to your card issuer for verification. Thus, for security reasons, we will never accept your billing information via e-mail, phone or fax.
All our writers adhere to our strict formation specifications: 12 point Times New Roman, double spacing, 1 inch margins on all 4 sides, approximately 330 words per page. All text will be typed in Microsoft Word XP and saved as a Microsoft Word document (.DOC). The file will retain all editing capabilities so you will be able to make any changes as needed. For projects that require additional data to be supplied (graphs, tables, slides, spreadsheets, images, etc.), we may use Microsoft Excel(.XLS), Powerpoint (.PPT), Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) or ADOBE PHOTOSHOP (.JPG,.GIF, etc.).
The paper will be typed in Microsoft Word and will be saved as a Word document (.doc). It will be fully editable.
We guarantee free unlimited revisions, rewrites or ammendments to every client, provided our writers overlooked the original instructions. If you place your order and forget to include something, you should contact our customer support immediately and supply any additional instructions.
We use our terms of service to handle every dissatisfaction case. If you are dissatisfied with the result, we will have the paper revised or rewritten until the initial guidelines are fully met. If there are some minor issues (some instructions were overlooked or some points missed) the buyer needs to submit a revision request and all those issues will be corrected promptly. If you believe the writer that did the job was unqualified, you can request a different writer. We have dozens of writers to reassign the project to in case you are not happy with the job of your current writer.

Your login information is the e-mail address you registered with and the password that we e-mailed you. If you cannot find the password we sent you, use the 'Forgot your password' feature or contact support and they will be happy to retrieve it for you.
Please make sure you are entering the correct e-mail and password supplied by our system. You may use the 'recover password tool' or contact our support team via live chat or support ticket.
If your information is in a digital format (files), you can upload any additional files the writer may need. Please log in to your account, click on the order id, and use the upload tool. If your information is on paper, you can fax it to the following numbers: +1-866-332-0244, +1-866-308-7123. The faxes are processed very quickly and the information will become available to the writer within an hour.
Please login to your account and click on the relevant order id. If the order says PENDING that means a writer is working on it. If it says PAID that means a writer has yet to pick it up.
You may cancel your order without incurring any charges only prior to the point the order is assigned to a writer. You cannot cancel any order which is currently being worked on by our writers.
At this time, we provide support via our ticketing system and online chat only. In the future, we hope to expand our support system to accommodate those clients who prefer phone support.
In rare cases if the writer needs more time, support will contact you in advance and advise you of the situation. You will always be kept posted in case of any emergencies where extra time needs to be allocated.
Our company employs many writers and if one writer drops the order for some reason, our support team will spot the problem instantly and will do everything to allocate the order to a new writer.
Generally, that means that our system was not able to validate your billing information and the ordering process was not finalized. If you believe there is a mistake and you have a billing confirmation and transaction ID from Paypal, please do not resubmit your order. Instead, contact our support team via live chat or support ticket. If you did not submit your credit card information to our payment gateway and would like to finalize the unpaid order, please click the button located next to the order in your personal account. You will have your order form pre-filled with the order details and will only need to proceed to checkout.
Please log in to your personal account using your e-mail and password. Select the order number and enter the details of your response into the appropriate text area on the page. Click the submit button.
If you extend the deadline, we will readjust the price in accordance with our price schedule and issue a partial refund.
If you are unhappy with your order kindly place a revision request. If you are still unsatisfied after 5 rounds of revisions/possible rewrite kindly send us a detailed letter via a support ticket outlining the reasons. Please take note that online support cannot review refund cases. We require a formal detailed letter so that we can clearly review the case and come to an informed decision as to what type of compensation is best for the given situation.
Please log in to your personal account using your e-mail and password. Select the order that you need revised and enter the details of your request into the appropriate text area on the page. In accordance with our terms of service, our company is responsible to follow the guidelines that were originally set forth in the order. Additional instructions may be rejected by the writer or may be accepted as part of a new order.
Please log in to your personal account using your e-mail and password. Each completed 'unrated' order displays a link titled 'rate writer'. Click the link and submit the feedback form. We ask that you rate the service for every completed order.

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Below are the "terms of service" that were accepted by the buyer during the ordering process. It is important that your complaint is formulated within the boundaries of the agreement between the buyer and the company:
By completing and submitting the order form you agree to be bound by and are becoming a party to the current agreement.

The completed order form is the set of directions that will be followed by our writers to provide a digital research/writing service that will be delivered by electronic mail at your e-mail address specified above as well as via direct download off our site. The login information to your secure personal account shall be provided upon validating your billing details. We offer the free direct download feature that allows to download all project files directly from your personalized account (Customer Service Area)

You agree that the written material produced by kissmyessays.com represents a model work that should not be submitted for academic credit "as is". You may use the work for further research or may edit it to match your writing style, level and vocabulary. We do not guarantee any specific letter grades or any other form of academic approval and can only guarantee to provide quality work based on the original order description.

Should we have difficulty meeting your specified deadline, we will contact you prior to the deadline to request an extension, or discuss a discount or other form of compensation suitable to both parties to reach an agreement (partial refund, discount, etc.). While minor delays in delivery do not constitute grounds for a full refund, we will do our best to reach an agreement with the buyer by means of discounts or other forms of partial compensation. Minor delays in delivery do not constitute grounds for a full refund

We shall complete your project based solely on the instructions supplied in the order form. The writer will be responsible for meeting all the instructions. We shall not be responsible for processing additional instructions not included in the original project description. Such requests may still be accomplished as a one time courtesy at the sole discretion of the writer. Minor content problems do not constitute grounds for a full refund

The content is written from scratch by a competent writer and contains no plagiarism. All quotes and other people's ideas shall be properly documented using the specified citation style. It is our guarantee that direct quotes shall not take more than 20% of the content, unless specifically requested by the buyer. Should the buyer find two or more straight sentences (not quotations, at least 20 words total in a straight sequence) copied from another source verbatim WITHOUT PROPER CITATION, we will offer you either a complete rewrite or a refund. Please note that plagiarism reports of Turnitin or similar programs with the overall score of less than 35% do not constitute sufficient grounds for a refund.

1. The company guarantees to adequately meet the original requirements set forth by the buyer. Should our writer overlook some guidelines, the buyer will need to file a revision request through the company's site (Support Center) and the writing shall be corrected free of charge, unless the request is beyond the original project description. The revision shall be delivered promptly. We reserve the right to reject the revision requests submitted after 14 days from the moment of completion. If the revision request is beyond the original project description, the buyer will have to submit a new order (EDITING) or contact the company regarding some extra compensation.

If you are dissatisfied with the service provided by our company, we will have the work revised, corrected or rewritten until all the initial requirements are adequately followed. If there are some minor issues, you can request a revision and have the work corrected promptly and free of charge. The buyer can also request a different writer, if there is a valid concern. The company will revise or rewrite the project free of charge until the work fully meets the original order description. Mere dissatisfaction with the service does not constitute grounds for a full refund.

If the completed work does not adequately meet your initial instructions after 5 rounds of revision, you should contact our support center with a detailed complaint summarizing all the problems and shall be entitled to a refund.
While minor delays in delivery and minor content problems do not constitute grounds for a full refund, we will do our best to reach an agreement with the buyer by means of discounts or other forms of partial compensation.

We can guarantee that no information related to your using our service will ever be distributed to any third party without your consent. The company guarantees not to reuse or resell the works produced for the clients, and the company's staff writers are bound by the same agreement.

Should you be dissatisfied with the service provided by the company, you agree to always contact the company first for direct resolution. The company should be contacted through Live Chat or by submitting a support ticket through our Support Center. If you have not been able to reach an acceptable solution after 14 days since the time of your first contact via the aforementioned communication channels, you may contact other organizations for assistance. However, failure to contact our company directly before initiating a chargeback shall be considered a breach of contract and shall be disputed accordingly.

The services marketed by kissmyessays.com are rendered by MEDIATECH LIMITED. Company registration number 1242512.
Any relevant information should be faxed at 1-866-308-7123, 1-404-963-0617
mailed to Office 813, 8/F, 610 Nathan Road, Hollywood Plaza, HK.
or emailed at hk@freelancewritingcenter.com

Please keep in mind the following points while submitting a revision request or a request for a new writer:

1. We only follow the original guidelines submitted with the order. Our writers are not liable to complete revision requests that are beyond the boundaries of original instructions. Thus you may request a free revision only if our writer failed to address some specific instruction.

2. Our writers are not liable to modify the project based on your professor's feedback. Moreover, we do not guarantee any specific letter grades or academic approval.
Please keep in mind the following points while submitting a refund request:

1. We can review your refund request only after you have already had at least 5 rounds of revision. If you have not had 5 revisions/rewrites, you cannot request a full refund.

2. The client cannot accuse the company of plagiarism and request a refund based ONLY on the results of some plagiarism software and without providing the exact sources of plagiarism.

3. A minor delay does not constitute sufficient grounds for a full refund.

4. We only follow the original guidelines submitted with the order. Our writers are not liable to complete revision requests that are beyond the boundaries of original instructions. Thus you may request a free revision only if our writer failed to address some specific instruction.

5. Our writers are not liable to modify the project based on your professor's feedback. Moreover, we do not guarantee any specific letter grades or academic approval.

Please be fair, specific and concise.


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